Who does he think he is?

Greetings friends, both present and future.

My name is Jayson Daniel Cooke and I am a father of three, a Gold Coast local, a critical analyst, Media/Community Relations, and Stakeholder Engagement consultant, equality advocate, critical thinker, positive change creator, & Law student.

I have successfully consulted in the design and implementation of training and development programs for customer engagement, credit control and collections, media relations, community engagement, and social media management.

Utilising a process of critical analysis to bring in to sharp focus the needs and wants of both your organisation and stakeholders, I identify barriers to achievement, and work with my clients to overcome them.

I am presently in my penultimate year of a graduate-entry Bachelor of Laws at Griffith University, having completed a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism and Public Relations in 2012.

I am passionately involved in consumer advocacy, social justice, equality and recognition of human rights.

As such I was the recipient of the runner-up Australian Skeptics Prize for Critical Thinking in 2007 and gave a presentation at the first ever Colloquium of Australian Skeptics in 2008.

I have been interviewed on local ABC Coast FM, 4zzz, and the Token Skeptic podcast, being a guest on ABC Brisbane’s Evenings with Katrina Davidson, featuring on ABC Southern Queensland with Robert Blackmore, and along with Dr Martin Bridgstock, being featured articles in the Courier Mail.

I’ve had work published in Skeptic magazine, in particular relating to attempts by Creation Ministries International to hold a full day of presentations under the banner of a Queensland University, presentations that were swiftly canceled following my investigation.

I have written on topics as diverse as same-sex adoption in NSW, the role of public relations in journalism, local measles outbreaks, the dangers of trial-by-media, the dangerous claims of a local chiropractor and the preventable death of 9 and a half month old Gloria Thomas from eczema, treated solely with homeopathic ‘treatments’.

In 2011 I organised and took on the role of media liaison for the Queensland 10:23 Homeopathy, there’s nothing in it“, awareness campaign. Participants in 70 cities, across 30 countries distributed information regarding the complete lack of quality evidence that homeopathic remedies are any more effective than a placebo. Also in 2011 I took on the role of Media and Community Relations Manager for Reason Australia.

Recently I have been privileged to become involved in a multitude of successful projects, including the ‘YES” campaign for Marriage Equality in Australia, and I am currently both the Marketing Officer and Publications Officer of Griffith University’s Law Students Association.


Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations and Journalism double major) 2012

 Currently undertaking a

Bachelor of Laws

Additional Qualifications:

Cert IV in Project Management Practice 2014

Professional Memberships:

Reason Australia (Founding Member).

Gold Coast District Law Association

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR)

Griffith University Law Students Association

Griffith University Alumni 

Yours faithfully,

Jayson Daniel Cooke





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