Thank you and well done to Chemist Warehouse Discount Chemist!

I’ve not often got reason to praise an Australian pharmaceutical chain. Each and every pharmacy I enter sells some unproven, disproven, and yet expensive product or service.

From homeopathic baby products, naturopathic remedies and the occasional practitioner, live blood analysis, Bach flower remedies and sterling silver rings that supposedly use ‘energy’ to stop the wearer snoring, there is an exhaustive list of products that are pushed on an unsuspecting consumer seeking genuine health care. Oh, I forgot to mention ear candles!

But it seems possible that Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s deal with Blackmores to start marketing its dietary supplements like ”coke and fries” with prescription drugs is finally the step to far.


The following links will fill the details I’ve not had time to write myself so enjoy!

Pharmacies to push supplements as ‘fries and Coke’ to prescriptions

Pharmacists’ opposition to pills deal with Blackmores

Evidence lacking for routine use of supplements along the lines of the Blackmores-Pharmacy Guild tie-up.

The bad press that is and will deservedly follow this cynical deal between Blackmores and The Pharmacy Guild has been used brilliantly by Chemist Warehouse Discount Chemist, who have rejected the deal and are prominently displaying the following signs in their branches.

Now this is a step in the reasonable, ethical direction and it’s clear that all pharmacists should follow Chemist Warehouse’s lead!

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