The Humbuggery of Charles Darwin?

I’ve had more than my fair share of encounters with evolution deniers in the past (here, here, here, here, here, here and here are just some examples). Creationists, biblical literalists, intelligent design proponents; the common factor has always been deep religious belief and opposition to secularism.

On a recent trip to Melbourne for the amazing Think Inc Conference I happened to jump of a tram in the CBD and almost fall over this sign on the footpath.

I couldn’t resist spending some time in discussion with several representatives of the Citizens Electoral Council, who had signs and a large table absolutely covered in piles of pamphlets.

I’m planning on writing more on them soon, but in the meantime I recommend checking out their website if you have some spare time. They are truly timecubian (yes I made that adjective up, but it works so I’m going with it) and the first anti-Darwinists, as they called themselves, I’ve ever encountered that did not have a religious bent.

2 thoughts on “The Humbuggery of Charles Darwin?

  1. They have a sweet monorail and dam on the banner of their website. If you’ll allow me to also make up a word to describe them (I hope I’m making this up) the language on the website all seems a little bit Waconian to me.

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