Gold Coast school brawl not a ‘race riot’ and never was.

The latest in a long day of developments (click here or scroll down if you don’t believe me) involving the Gold Coast’s  ‘racial brawl’ where ‘racial tensions exploded’ story that featured quite prominently not only on the front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin, but also took up most of page four, most the editorial section as well as being featured on, and The Australian web sites, um…wasn’t race related it turns out.

This afternoon an Australian Associated Press article posted on details South-east Queensland regional director Glen Hoppner once more stating that the fight was not racially motivated.

Mr Hoppner said police were investigating to separate the facts from speculation and rumour.

He denied reports that racial tensions between New Zealand and Australian students were behind the brawl.

“Let me put that absolutely to bed, there is none of that, this had nothing to do with anything of the sort. It’s been absolutely inappropriately reported in that way and in fact the kids and the community are pretty upset by it,” he said.

“We have no evidence of that whatsoever.”

Mr Hoppner said one male and two female teachers were caught up on the fringes of the fight as they tried to intervene.

“Nobody, as has been reported, shaped up to try and aggressively tackle a teacher,” he said.

“Two of the three are back at school today, the third one has a sprained wrist and will be away for a couple of days.

“This certainly isn’t a problem school. This is a school where the performance is high and the confidence the system has in this school is exceptionally high.”

I’m sure circulation of the Gold Coast Bulletin was improved by today’s front page, which made sure to inform us that

more than 40 per cent of the 2600 students at the Upper Coomera State College are of Maori descent.”

I guess that’s what happens when playground gossip is printed as fact.

Who would have thought.

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