The Citizens Electoral Council: Attempting to indoctrinate at university campuses near you

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was preparing a story on the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC), but until today had posted nothing more on this subject. This was in no small part due to the vast amount of research I ended up compiling, but also because I had received correspondence from around the country regarding CEC activities. Among many concerning activities I’ve discovered is that cartloads of the CEC’s propaganda paper, The New Citizen , have been regularly appearing not just at Griffith University campuses and Bond University on Queensland’s Gold Coast, but on university campuses Australia wide.

As I’ve written previously, I first encountered the CEC while I was in Melbourne attending a conference. I spent a good hour or so in conversation with three members of the group, but with only one member addressing me at a time. I’d ask questions of one member regarding the ‘Humbuggery of Charles Darwin’ signs they were prominently displaying, and when that one member could not answer my questions, they would be replaced with another representative. I’ve seen this tactic used by various cult-like and  fringe groups and so my interest grew considerably.

Another undeniable red-flag was that each member repeated the claims of his predecessor verbatim, insisting that human being’s ‘innate creativity’ could overcome any obstacle, that human beings are not members of the animal kingdom, that Charles Darwin was heavily corrupted by thinkers of his time such as economist Thomas Malthus, and that how could we trust Darwin’s findings considering where he was born and lived (I was told by three separate representatives at three separate times “consider where he was from”, each time with almost palpable distaste displayed by the speaker). By the time I’d been handed on to the third and increasingly threatening advocate for a collection of ideas that I simply wanted to know more about, I was told I was closed minded and asked to leave.

With this in mind, let me present what I’ve since been able to discover about the CEC.

Formed in the 1980’s in rural Queensland, the CEC were affiliated with the Anglo-centric Australian League of Rights (ALOR) and were primarily focused on lobbying for voter initiated referendums. However at some point towards the end of 1989 the party was branch stacked by followers of controversial political activist Lyndon LaRouche and transformed into the CEC of today.

While the original party was affiliated with the far-right ALOR, all ties have since been severed. ALOR representative  David Thompson states that the “CEC movement in Australia has now ceased to exist, except on paper, and remains merely the Australian arm of Mr. LaRouche’s operation.” Eric Butler, founder of the Australian League of Rights, has claimed he was accused by CEC representatives of being a long-term undercover agent for Britain’s MI6, and a Freemason, and scathing references to the League have appeared in The New Citizen. It’s worth bearing in mind that the Australian League of Rights is a far-right, anti-Semitic group of holocaust deniers (Moore, Andrew The Right Road: A history of Right-wing Politics in Australia Oxford University Press (1995) p. 70), and still they are distancing themselves from the CEC.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission, the CEC are a registered Australian political party with 542 members as of 2007.

In the 2007 federal election the CEC received 27,880 votes, equivalent to 0.22 per-cent of total ballot.

They have been described as a “dangerous right-wing populist grouping which aims to build a mass fascist movement“, an ” arch-conspiracy theorizing fringe political party“, ” serial conspiracy theorists who believe the world’s drug cartels are controlled by the British Royal Family” and “ the Australian arm of the U.S. based Lyndon LaRouche extremist political cult,” so perhaps it’s not surprising that not everyone is a fan of the group.

That last quote for instance was taken from the Anti-Defamation Commission, which features the CEC on their list of anti-Semitic organisations in Australia.

In October 2002 the Anti-Defamation Commission appealed to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to tighten the regulations allowing groups such as the Citizens Electoral Council to gain political party status. The many reasons cited for this appeal included the CEC’s deliberate intent to undermine multicultural tolerence, claims the CEC is a totalitarian sect which at its core is both racist and anti-Semitic, targeting of the frail, elderly, the socially bewildered and the culturally alienated (a claim also supported by the ALR), and financial mismanagement of campaign funds which are often sent to Lyndon LaRouche rather than used within Australia.

To briefly summarise the stated beliefs of the CEC and their leader Lyndon LaRouche: the United Kingdom and in particular the Royal family are in league with a cabal of Jewish bankers named ‘The Oligarchy’, who control the globe’s financial and resource sectors and trafficking of drugs across the entire planet. Yes, the Royal family are secretly drug traffickers according to the CEC.

This Oligarchy is also responsible for the environmental movement, globalisation,  and have constructed the duel ‘fictions’ of climate change and the dangers of nuclear power, as well as the importance of biodiversity. The Oligarchy seduces governments the world over in order to further their nefarious aims. Also the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center were ‘an inside job’.

The CEC published a booklet in December 1997 titled ‘Aboriginal “land rights” : Prince Philip’s racist plot to splinter Australia’,  which was described in a review as ‘a silly conspiracy theory that links Prince Philip, Nugget Coombs, Philip Toyne, Jim Downey, Rio Tinto, Noel Pearson, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and assorted Nazis of the 1930s in a global plot to invent land rights and use Aborigines as a means to actively assist multinational mining companies to steal Australia’ s raw materials.’

As for my concerns that the actions of the CEC members I’d encountered showed signs of cult like behaviours, it has been alleged that each new recruit undergoes “deprogramming sessions” to achieve conformity to their cause.  A former CEC staffer Donald Veitch has stated: ‘The mind control operations commenced by LaRouche in the USA in the mid-1970s are still being practiced today within his movement in Australia’.

Regarding ‘The humbuggery of Charles Darwin’, there are plenty of quality resources available to refute the claims made to me on the day I first encountered the CEC.  At the very least is should be recognised that regardless of any scientists’ personal ideology or belief system, regardless of where they were born and lived, and regardless of whether you actually like them; what makes their work valid is the evidence for and against it, it’s ability to withstand attempts at falsification, it’s ability to be replicated and the predictive power it possesses.

It is due to these factors and these factors alone that Charles Darwin’s discovery of evolution by process of natural selection is often considered one of the most powerful insights in human history. Something that Lyndon LaRouche and his CEC are far from achieving despite their grandiose claims to the contrary.

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16 thoughts on “The Citizens Electoral Council: Attempting to indoctrinate at university campuses near you

  1. Clearly you have not even bothered to try to address the CEC’s research before deciding to indulge it dummy-spit reactions against what you know to be the truth. A pity, but not surprising. It’s really all that can be expected of the fascist opponents of the CEC.

  2. It seems we have very different ideas of what constitutes ‘research’.

    As for what I ‘know to be the truth’, would you care to go into more detail on what that is?

    Also is it possible for someone to disagree with the CEC but not be a fascist?

  3. “Also is it possible for someone to disagree with the CEC but not be a fascist?”

    Not if they have read and understood the CEC’s research and ideas.

    “Is there an opening coming up?”

    This doesn’t really make sense Jay. I asked which cult *you* are a member of. You put so much effort into slamming the CEC’s publications without providing any real content in your diatribe, that you must be working for someone.

  4. Yes, clearly a fascist conspiracy is afoot. You’ve managed to break my cover so easily. Darn.
    I should have known I was never cut-out to run a world-wide criminal conspiracy.

    Que sera.

  5. Sean, are you prepared to declare your bias in the subject? – you seem to be an apologist for the CEC on a number of sites where anyone dares to shine a light on the lunacy within. Perhaps apologist is the wrong term -” barking mad loon” might be more apt.

  6. Just let me quote them back via a verse rant. The CEC would not disagree with a word of this, because it is all their own words.

    Does the Queen intend to kill you?

    a banner headline
    50,000 copies
    of an explosive
    chapter-and-verse indictment of
    the British Royal Family’s half-century long creation
    and personal direction of the world’s present “green” movement
    as their chosen vehicle for global genocide
    utilising archival and other primary sources
    with a shocking series of maps based upon official data
    the paper also features selected speeches from the Conference
    “Cosmic Radiation Beats Green Fascism”
    which devastated such intellectual frauds
    such as the “Second Law of Thermodynamics”
    blowing to smithereens the Malthusian
    Green Fascist axiom of
    “fixed, finite resources”
    and that of Charles Darwin
    whose work was riddled with plagiarism
    and outright lunacy
    the stated purpose of this “environmentalist” movement
    rammed through under the personal direction of
    Queen Elizabeth
    and her consort Prince Philip
    which spawned the present Australian Greens under Bob Brown
    Tim Flannery’s Wentworth Group of Quack Scientists
    the fraud of “anthropogenic global warming”
    Gillard’s Fabian terror methods
    her fascist knickers
    the carbon tax
    and every green diktat now crushing this country
    is to slash the world’s population to less than one billion people
    by the outright banning of science and technology
    particularly nuclear energy
    by turning vast portions of the globe back into wilderness and desert
    and “wetlands” and “indigenous land rights”
    or similar hocus-pocus
    with the expressed intent to kill 13-16 million Australians

    ever wonder why the Greens lead the charge for euthanasia
    because that’s why the Crown created them
    to kill people
    including your friends
    your family
    and you

    are you such a pathetic
    whingeing loser
    that you will let them do it?!

    We are on
    the threshold
    of colonising
    the Cosmos


    comrade harps

  7. The CEC left a heap of newsletters in the Science building at uni last week. I promptly binned them. I can’t actually believe our country permits these people to register a political party – surely being a rational human being is a prerequisite…

  8. I came across a couple of these people spreading their lies and filth in the streets of Hobart. I spent half an hour trying to get to the bottom of what their position actually was and the evidence for those conclusions – it was largely a complete waste of time even though one of them claimed to be the author.

  9. Jayson, you made a big issue of: “…regardless of where they were born and lived, and regardless of whether you actually like them; what makes their work valid is the evidence for and against it, it’s ability to withstand attempts at falsification, it’s ability to be replicated and the predictive power it possesses.”

    I take it you were caught out agreeing with the Hitler quote in the intro of the paper?

    1. I apolegise if this was unclear but I was actually referring to the work of scientists in the paragraph you mention.

      “At the very least is should be recognised that regardless of any scientists’ personal ideology or belief system, regardless of where they were born and lived, and regardless of whether you actually like them; what makes their work valid is the evidence for and against it, it’s ability to withstand attempts at falsification, it’s ability to be replicated and the predictive power it possesses.”

      So no; I doubt it would apply.

  10. One only needs to read a small sample of the completely loonie ideas in the Citizens Electoral Council publications distributed to come to the conclusion they are without doubt complete weirdos who are manipulated by Larouche and driven completely by obsessive thoughts.
    Unfortunately people with mental health issues are attracted to the garbage they peddle. Even thought that comes out of their heads is laced with some sort of conspiracy theory, and wacky ideas established back in the last century being proffered as the be all and end all solutions to everything wrong under the sun..
    It astonishes me that funds from the Australian taxpayers can actually legitimately be allocated to the Citizens Electoral Council to further their racist and discriminatory ideas.
    I know they do indeed do all the things of which they are accused in terms of running a cult like organisation.
    I have an elderly friend who has been completely brainwashed by their nonsense that anyone with half a brain would never believe. But once they latch on to these unfortunates they don’t let up with their badgering for huge donations. The aged pensioner I know of has been targeted by Noelene and Craig Isherwood who successfully hound him for donations. Already this year he has donated $1000, and yet has recently been asked to give a further $4,000. I was at his home last night when he received a call at 8.45 pm asking him for a further donation!
    This organisation is without doubt a front for Larouche to raise millions for the likes of the Isherwoods to live a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the likes of the elderly gentleman I know of.
    His head has been completely screwed by the utter rubbish they distribute.
    They target the vulnerable, lonely and easily led. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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