Australian father of five in Saudi prison on charges of blasphemy

Imagine you are on the other side of the world from your family, your community, and your home.

You have been imprisoned for the past three weeks without legal representation and without hope of receiving any.

The manager of your prison will not admit officials from your country, while the city itself is off limits to all but followers of Islamic faith.

You don’t realise at the time but the Directorate of Prisons in the district has also refused access to officials.

You suffer from diabetes and heart problems, yet the Doctor arranged by your embassy has also been denied access to you.

What charge could possibly have put you in this position?


Shepparton man and father of five, Mansor Almaribe, 45, is living this nightmare right now.

Undertaking the Haj pilgrimage he was arrested by religious police while reading and praying in a group according to Mr Almaribe’s eldest son, Jamal.

Mr Almaribe is expected to face court tomorrow, where his sentence will be handed down.

Read more here.

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