A September to Remember

Studying full-time and parenting full-time are more than a little time consuming (surprise!) and while they are both deeply fulfilling pursuits on a personal level, it’s not common to be recognised for the efforts each require.

The pleasure of recognition outside the workplace is not something I had consciously missing, until this month when the void was filled to the brim.

At the very beginning of September I was awarded Volunteer of the Month for my efforts at the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre. I take so much pleasure  from having the opportunity to help our community, treating my work for the centre no different from paid employment, yet I am hardly alone in this so receiving an award for those efforts was a truly unexpected surprise.

Later that same week I found out my newly formed Moot team made it through to the Grand Final of the Griffith LSA Junior Competition! My team-mate and I entered the competition without any focus on ‘winning’ in a conventional sense. We wanted to  learn, to gain new experiences, and explore aspects of life in the law.

In both these instances there was no sense of competing, no adversarial thoughts or motives, and certainly no effort to ‘better’ than anyone else.

In hindsight, this is what made the recognition for my efforts so gratifying and unexpected, and so much more satisfying than previous awards.

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