Media/Community Relations, and Stakeholder Engagement

Solutions based planning, problem solving and positive implementation.

I specialise in Public Relations, Social Media Management, Community Engagement, and have successfully consulted in the design and implementation of programs and campaigns nationwide.

Utilising a process of critical analysis to bring in to sharp focus the needs and wants of both your organisation and stakeholders, I will identify barriers to achievement, and work with you to overcome them.

I follow a simple hierarchy of process which is as follows:

  1. Goal/purpose setting in the short and long term.
  2. Gathering information from a client and external sources.
  3. Identifying both present and potential problems and barriers.
  4. Making a diagnosis.
  5. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis.
  6. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions.
  7. Building a consensus and commitment.
  8. Facilitating client learning—helping clients to resolve similar problems in the future.
  9. Permanently improving organisational effectiveness.

Past clients represent a diverse range of large and small businesses and organisations both here on the Gold Coast and nationally.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a friendly meeting.